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Since its founding in 1953, Allens Lane Art Center has been a cornerstone of the Mt. Airy community by bringing the residents together to participate in and enjoy the arts.  Whether its art classes for children or adults, amazing art exhibitions or cutting edge plays on the mainstage, there is something for everyone at Allens Lane.

601 West Allens Lane ~ Philadelphia, PA 19119 ~ p: 215.248.0546


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Open Auditions

Open auditions are held for each Allens Lane Theater (ALT) production. ALT encourages and practices non-traditional casting. Callbacks may be scheduled at the director's discretion. If you would like to ad your resume and headshot to our talent file, which is available to all directors, please send to ALT, 601 West Allens Lanereet, Philadelphia, PA 19119. Auditions may be attended by other directors for the purpose of observing potential talent for future productions.


Allens Lane Theater promotes non-traditional casting when possible.

Audition Notice

Auditions for “Rumors”
By Neil Simon, directed by Noel Hanley
Allens lane Theater
601 West Allens Lane
Philadelphia, PA  19119
Nov. 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, Dec. 2, 3, 4
Auditions will be held on Sunday, Sept. 18 and Monday, Sept. 19 starting at 6:30pm.
All interested actors are asked to RSVP for their audition by sending an email to the director,  Noel Hanley, at noel.s.butcher@gmail.com.

This play is a farce, centering around 4 couples who come together for a dinner party at the home Charlie & Myra, a couple whom the audience never sees.

Auditions will be readings from the script, in couples. The ages suggested in the script will not necessarily be adhered to.

*Aside from the 8 roles, Allens Lane Theater is also looking for an experienced Stage Manager to help assist with this production.  Interested people are also asked to email the director with your resume along with a cover letter stating your interest in volunteering as the stage manager.

CHRIS GORMAN- Contract lawyer, attractive, mid 30’s punctual, elegant dresser, one child.  Ex-smoker for 18 months.
First guest on the scene, along with her husband,

KEN GORMAN- 40’s, (Charlie’s) lawyer, flushed, excited, speaks rapidly.

CLAIRE GANZ- considerate, recently in a car accident, marital problems in the past leading her to seek out group therapy.

LENNY GANZ- Charlie’s best friend, loyal friend, good sense of humor, perhaps a bit naiive, tax accountant.

ERNIE CUSACK- early 50’s , Doctor, Charlie’s analyst. He and his wife call each other by pet names.

COOKIE CUSACK- 40’s, professional TV cook, “I love success”. Somewhat flamboyant.

GLENN COOPER- running for state Senate, handsome, marital problems.

CASSIE COOPER- Hyper, out of control, convinced her husband is  having an affair, uses quartz crystals.

OFFICER WELCH- strong, vigorous man


A small stipend is available at the end of the run.

Allens Lane Art Center
601 West Allens Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19119

We encourage non-traditional casting when appropriate.